Currency Guide Of Hay Day


Are you playing Hay Day game? If yes, then you must explore the best ways to earn the currencies. Even in the farming game, mostly we required a huge amount of currency. Game is available for the iOS and Android platforms. Supercell is the developer of the game so you must try it. Similarly, if you are playing the Hay Day game then you must need to collect currencies like-

  • Diamonds
  • Gift Cards
  • Vouchers
  • puzzle pieces

Well, we have covered all the currencies that you need to use the game called Hay Day game. Instead of this, players are able to attain huge amount of diamonds by using the Hay Day Cheats. Not only this, you can read the reviews at different online source to attaining information regarding the in-game currencies.


Coins are the main currency of the game and they are used for purchasing farm items from the shop and many other products from other players. There are different roadside stalls of the other player where you can visit and buy the items by using the coins. Even you can also choose the customization option to form Maggie’s. There are lots of areas such as mine, Fishing Lake and many more that players need to unlock it.

How to earn the coins?

It is quite easy to use the coins, but when it comes to collect them then it is possible by completing truck, boat and town order. Even by selling goods to visitors you can easily earn this currency.  Hay Day Cheats is counted in the top online hacking tools so you can trust it. Nevertheless, player those have lots of coins can easily spend on different kinds of things. Even some players find the coins from the mystery boxes.